About Me - tarakasey

my philosophy

photography is about connection...

...connection between the photographer and the client. my photography is not about me as an artist but it is about you as a client. my goal is to learn your story and discover your unique beauty and capture a moment in time in a way that reflects you, not me. that makes listening and understanding clients at the top of my priorities.

...connection between family and friends. relationships change and grow as we do. in order to capture those relationships, i am flexible to make time for spontaneity and play in my sessions.

...connection between my client and their environment.I love photographing clients at their home, with items that are meaningful to them as another way of telling a story and preserving memories.

...connection between the photographer and the grander scheme of things. there are too many voices that define beauty in a very narrow sense and play on our insecurities. I believe that all are created in the image of the Creator and my aim is to capture each person's unique beauty. 

about tara

very simply put. I love people. while I love taking pictures of beautiful landscapes, architecture, and nature when I add a person to that, it comes alive. my love of photography began in with my first film camera as a child. grew to film photography in college and made the leap to digital in my adult life. as a communications major, I love the way a photo can tell a story, can evoke emotion, can communicate.

when I am not taking or editing pictures, I am a mother of 2 wonderful children, Jazmyn and Justin (my favorite subjects) and a wife to an awesome guy, Dan Kasey, who is an associate pastor and chaplain in the army. I have worked in the non-profit arena for 15 years, having worked for a Haitian orphanage, a woman's center, and behavioral studies. my family and I love to travel and the outdoors and being active. 

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